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If you're "shreddin’ for the wedding," better make sure you're getting down with your squats and crunches, because this season, bridal designers are encouraging you to show a little more skin on your walk down the aisle. We’ve already talked about thigh-high slits, but now, they're big for bridal. Last bridal season, we explored the ways that a non-traditional, two-piece dress might actually be the way to go, since it opens up a world of opportunities


Knowing that an amazing brand sits just across the Atlantic, only available to us when we make the trip to Europe for fashion week (or a rare vacation), is the ultimate fashion tease. Until this week, this was the case with & Other Stories—H&M's newest sister-brand that's become a mecca for elevated, on-trend wardrobe staples since its launch in London in March 2013. Sure, a year and change is not a long wait—but it felt like an eternity as the brand picked up steam in the fashion set, boasting collabs with majorly cool tastemakers like Garance Doré and most recently, Lykke Li.

Are track heels the new black? A fly on our office walls might assume so. After all, it was just two weeks ago when Ruthie first pranced to work in Zara's take on the sporty trend. Today? Ruthie has also nabbed the navy version, which are en route to Leah as well. Justine has them in nude, and both Megan and Victoria have been eyeing the brand's fall-friendly, Mary Jane interpretation. ("I fully admit to hive-mind shopping here," says Leah.)
Equal parts sporty and "just-the-right-amount of ‘90s," according to Leah, and 100 percent chic, these shoes manage to be perfectly versatile and yet not at all boring. 

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