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Once the weather gets warmer, women start to break out the various-length pants. Which means that instead of jeans or full-length pants — which are fairly easy for most women to pull off — there's a wider margin of error between the bermudas, capris and crops.

Now, in general, I'm not a huge fan of capri pants because I think either short or ankle-length pants look more modern. But I still see them everywhere. If you're going to wear them, at least wear them right.

So let me make pant lengths simple, by sharing the golden rule of fashion:

Never wear anything that hits you at your widest point.

Garments that "end" at your widest body part cause that body part to visually widen. In short: you look fatter. And we don't want that.

Here's the rundown of the golden rule of fashion in action:

Capri pants (pants that have a hem that ends mid-calf) Capri pants stop in exactly the widest part of the lower leg. To make it worse, many capris have a relaxed or loose fit: it all makes you look frumpier and wider.

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A better choice: A crop or ankle pant ends around the ankle (a slimmer part of the leg) and is flattering on just about any woman. For athletic wear, try a fitted workout capri that ends right under the knee and exposes your calf.

Cap sleeves. Cap sleeves are often touted as a viable option to sleeveless; but because they end at precisely the widest part of the upper arm it's a very unflattering look on women who are concerned about their upper arms.

A better choice: An elbow-length sleeve (which has a hem at the slimmest part of the arm.)

Hip-length jacket. If you think suits make you look boxy, it may just be the type of jacket you are wearing. If you have wider hips, as many women do, and choose a jacket hem that stops right at the widest point, you'll create a strong visual horizontal line at your heftiest point.

A better choice: You can actually correct this problem by creating a waist for the jacket if it's softer construction by adding a belt (the eye then travels to the small waist instead of the hem.) You can also opt for jackets that are either cropped to end at a small waist or slightly longer than you widest part of the hip.

Longer skirts. The mid-calf skirt is still a favorite of mature women everywhere, but unfortunately it also adds to a frumpier appearance because the hemline stops at exactly the widest point of the calf leaving your legs look stumpier.

A better option: A hemline that ends at or right below the knee.

Short shorts. A mid-thigh short -- unless you have slim thighs -- is a tough look to pull off because it stops right in the middle of your thigh.

A better option: A short that's a bit longer and has a hem at a slimmer part of your body.

Hair. Did you know that even your hair length can make you look frumpier if it stops at an unflattering length? If you have things you'd like to conceal – like a double chin or neck wrinkles – consider hair styles that are either longer or shorter than the problem area.


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Sometimes we women make the looks thing so much more difficult than it really needs to be. 

Sure, you can exercise, get injections or undergo cosmetic procedures to look better. But what if you're looking for an simple, attainable, instant fix? 

Use fashion tricks like scale, fit, silhouette -- even color -- to help you look younger, taller, slimmer and so much more.

1. Look Skinnier. Instantly!

Could it really be something so simple as a a small change in the way we wear everyday pieces to look instantly slimmer? Oh yes! A few years ago I started buying longer-length jeans so I could wear heels with them. 

Small change, huge difference. I not only looked thinner and longer legged, I also looked more dressed up in heels and jeans. Shapewear, colors and scale also play a big part. 

2. Easy Ways to Look Taller

You can never look too tall! Even 6-foot, 50-something model Jerry Hall likes to look taller, in her monochromatic look with a V-neck and black fishnets to continue the long line.

 One of my friends said he wasn’t fat, his legs were just too short. I guess that’s a common problem for many of us midlifers: we’d all look longer and leaner with maybe another foot of height. 

3. Flatter an Apple-Shaped Figure

When it comes to finding clothing for your body shape, this is one of the more difficult shapes to flatter. Looks that are too voluminous will only make you look rounder, while clothing that is too tight won't flatter you either.The goal is to use clothing and accessories to balance out the proportions of your body. 

4. Hide a Muffin Top

Regardless of your size, shape or even age, there’s one body issue you are probably dealing with: the muffin top.
This roll of fat – large or small, depending on your overall size – plops over the top of your waistband to create the look of a muffin top. It can just spill over the front of pants, or it can pop up over the sides and back of pants, too. 

5. Skip Clothes That Make You Look Older

I don't know any woman who would wear something that makes her look fatter. But you'd be surprised by how many women wear styles that make them look older. It's not just vanity that keeps me wanting to look younger. It's the fact that I don't feel old on the inside, so why would I want to portray an aged image to the world? Banish tweeds, cardigans and old lady reading glasses to look younger. 

6. Flatter a Top-Heavy Figure

You basically have two options when dressing for a top-heavy figure, because things like skin-tight t-shirts and halter dresses are usually too skimpy. Instead go with the options of flattering a full bust by either creating an hourglass shape or create a column. 

7. Dress a Bottom-Heavy Figure

For bottom-heavy figures it's about fit, silhouette and finding the right bottoms to compliment this shape. Even prints and the visual location of the waist play a part in dressing this figure type. 

8. Follow the Golden Rule (of Fashion)

Make sure your hems and sleeves "stop" at the right spot to look your best in all of your clothes. Sounds simple, right? You'd be amazed how many women are lulled into trying unflattering looks like cap sleeves and capri pants.

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